Bamboo Cotton Wrap


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This bamboo cotton wrap or shawl with its bold colours would make an excellent addition to an outfit. It can be worn around the shoulders or bunched up around the neck as a generous scarf. The main colours are red and yellow but flecked throughout the wrap is navy which helps add another depth to the pattern. The wrap has a soft smooth feel against the skin.

The pattern I have woven this wrap in is called Jin. This pattern is a warp faced compound tabby which means the warp threads show more than the weft threads. In the warp I have alternating red and yellow threads and in the weft there is a variegated navy/red thread. The weft thread is slightly finer than the warp threads this helps to emphasis the colours in the warp. The overall pattern is large diamonds formed by the red and yellow threads.

  • Yarn type : Rayon bamboo/cotton
  • Colour : Red/Yellow/Navy
  • Size: 80″ x 18” (203 x 46 cm), excluding the twisted fringe
  • Fringe : Yes, 6″ (15 cm)
  • Care : Gently hand wash in warm water. Dry flat in shade. Iron while damp.


The warp yarn is rayon bamboo. This is made from cellulose that is extracted from bamboo to generate rayon. Rayon is also made from cellulose from other natural sources. Rayon is a part synthetic fibre made by reshaping cellulose. I choose bamboo yarn because it complements the weave structure. It has a smooth lightweight feel about it.

The weft yarn is mercerised cotton. Cotton is a soft fibre that is the casing found around the seeds of a cotton plant.  It is almost pure cellulose which is a natural fibre. It is absorbent and lightweight. Mercerised cotton is when the cotton has gone through a textile finishing treatment which helps with dye take up, reduces shrinkage and gives the yarn lustre.

The bamboo cotton wrap measures 80 by 18 inches (203 by 46cm) this excludes the fringe. The fringe is approximately 6 inches (15cm) long and has been twisted which as well as giving a nice touch to the scarf it also helps protect those warp ends from wear. The scarf has been hand stitched at either end which helps with preserving the scarf and also another feature to help complete the handmade look.


This bamboo cotton wrap will need to be gently hand washed in warm water. Then placed flat and dry in the shade. Iron while it is still damp.

The wrap will be packaged in a black gift box with our logo on the front. Inside the box the scarf will be surrounded by tissue paper.

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