Each footstool serves as a wonderful addition to your home.  Based on a project made at young age, these are very useful.  Primarily designed as a footstool, these often are used as a low stool to reach higher kitchen cupboards, as a small coffee table beside your chair, as an extra seat.  We have one of these made from stained pine, it has been in our home for 40 years, and is still holding together, it does look a little used, as it has been used while painting!

Each footstool is made from 4 pieces of wood, a top, two legs and a rail.  There are no screws or nails used to assemble these.  Each has a floating tenons (Festool dominoes, wither handmade or standard.  These floating tenons fit into a recess on both sides of the joint and are glued in.  Incredibly strong, and can be an interesting feature on the tops.

Each footstool is made from smaller pieces of timber in the workshop.  It helps use up scraps of wood, rather than turning it all into firewood.  So in its own way each of these reduces waste from my workshop, and makes a wonderful useful item.


American white ash is a popular furniture timber.  Moderately hard, with a distinct grain, the wood mellows to yellow tones over time.  It will stand up to use, and be distinctive in your home.

The Kauri used in the footstool is New Zealand Kauri.  Kauri has lovely warm orange tones, is fine grained and has a glow.  It is quite soft, so care will be needed as it will get dents over time.


To look after your footstool, you should do the following

  • Dust regularly
  • Occasionally, wax the finish with a good quality wax (such as this wax here)


Please note : 

We have physical shop as well, and there is a very small chance the item you want has been sold.  

If this happens we will contact you and arrange a full refund or an alternate item.