Oceans Cotton Shoulder Bag


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Please note : 

We have physical shop as well, and there is a very small chance the item you want has been sold.  

If this happens we will contact you and arrange a full refund or an alternate item.


This shoulder bag is individual and exciting. It would add a lovely extra detail to your outfit. This bag is woven all as one piece of fabric folded in such a way as to create the bag and shoulder strap. I have not lined this bag so the inside looks as good as the outside.

I have woven this bag in deflected double weave which is one of my favourite weave structures. On the loom it is woven in a single layer but because of the way the threads lie over or under other groups of threads it forms a second layer and there is a depth to the pattern and colours that is so satisfying and pleasing.

  • Yarn type : Cotton
  • Colours : Light and Dark Blues
  • Size: Full length of bag 31” (79cm), Body of bag 13”, Shoulder Strap 18”
  • Closure: Vintage button and cotton braid
  • Pocket: Yes, internal
  • Care : Hand wash in warm water.


The yarn is mercerised cotton. Cotton is a soft fibre that is the casing found around the seeds of a cotton plant.  It is almost pure cellulose which is a natural fibre. Mercerised cotton is when the cotton has gone through a textile finishing treatment which helps with dye take up, reduces shrinkage and gives the yarn lustre.


The shoulder bag measurement from the top of the shoulder to the base of the bag is 31 inches (79cm). The length of the body of the bag is 13 inches (33cm) and the width is 11 inches (28cm). The shoulder strap hangs down for 18 inches (46cm). All seams have been machine sewn for strength. There is an internal pocket and there is a large dark grey vintage button as the closure. I have plaited a cord which is attached to the outside opposite side to the button. The yarn I used for this cord is the same yarn that I have woven the bag in. Our cloth label has been sewn on the outside of the bag covering where the cord is attached. At the top of the shoulder strap I have machine sewn the layers together to give strength to this part of the bag.

Care of your shoulder bag

If you need to wash this bag you can hand wash separately and lie flat to dry.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.


Light, Bright