Seasons Silk Scarf


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Please note : 

We have physical shop as well, and there is a very small chance the item you want has been sold.  

If this happens we will contact you and arrange a full refund or an alternate item.


This is a luxurious fine silk scarf. It has the classic shine that silk has with that smooth delicate feel against the skin. The Seasons silk scarf is woven with stripes in the warp of red, orange, light blue, crimson and beige bordered with a navy stripe.

The pattern that I have woven this scarf in is called twill (1/3, 3/1) which means that one side of the scarf is different than the other. One side has more warp threads showing so the stripes are brighter and more distinct. The other side has more weft thread showing therefore the stripes are slightly less obvious and the weft colour shows up more. When you wear this scarf it is likely that you will get hints of both sides adding an extra detail to complete the look. I have created a pattern on one scarf that squares are formed and on the other scarf pluses are present.

  •  Yarn type : Silk
  • Colours : Navy, orange, red, light blue, crimson, beige
  • Size:  Squares – 62 x 9 ½ in (157 x 24cm), Pluses – 68 x 9 ½ in (173 x 24cm), excluding the twisted fringe
  • Fringe : Yes, 5″ (13cm)
  • Care : Gently hand wash in warm water. Dry flat in shade. Iron while damp.


Silk is a natural protein fibre. This protein fibre is composed mainly of fibroin and is produced by certain insect larvae to form cocoons. The shimmering appearance of silk is due to the triangular prism-like structure of the silk fibre.

The Seasons silk scarf called ‘Squares’ measures 62 by 9 ½ inches (157 by 24cm). The scarf called ‘Pluses’ measures 68 by 9 ½ inches (173 by 24cm). These measurements exclude the fringe. The fringe is approximately 5 inches (13cm) long and has been twisted which as well as giving a nice touch to the scarf it also helps protect those warp ends from wear. The scarf has been hand stitched at either end which helps with preserving the scarf and also another feature to help complete the handmade look.


To take care of your scarf you will need to gently hand wash in warm water, separately from other items. Rinse. Lie flat in the shade to dry. The scarf will need to be ironed while it is still damp.


Pluses, Squares