Striped Tea Towels


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Please note : 

We have physical shop as well, and there is a very small chance the item you want has been sold.  

If this happens we will contact you and arrange a full refund or an alternate item.


These striped tea towels are absorbent and durable as well as pleasing to the eye. They would add a lovely detail to a kitchen. It appeals to me to have something so practical in the kitchen that is hand woven and does the job of drying the dishes so well. I have had many comments from people who have used them who are delighted with them and buy them as gifts. They also make great hand towels being soft and absorbent.

The striped tea towels are woven in a plain weave which adds to the durability of the cloth. They are woven with stripes in the warp. The base colour is gray and the stripes are pink, burnt orange, green and dark green. There are narrow navy accent stripes outlining the pink, orange and green. The different weft colours that I have used are grey and green.

  • Yarn type : 100% Unmercerised Cotton
  • Colour : Green, Grey
  • Size: 29″ x 20″ (74cm  x 52cm)
  • End finishing : Over locked with a machine sewn hem
  • Care : Machine Wash


The yarn used is 100% cotton. It is a soft fibre that is the casing found around the seeds of a cotton plant.  It is almost pure cellulose which is a natural fibre. It is absorbent and lightweight.

The striped tea towels measure approximately 29 by 20inches (74 by 52cm). There is a JointWorks label machine sewn on each tea towel. They have been over locked and the hems have been machine sewn this adds to the durability of the tea towels. They have been machine washed twice to remove any fluff that comes off in the washing process.


To look after the tea towels you simply need to machine wash. The more washing they have the softer they become.

Depending on how many tea towels you order will depend on how they are packaged. Up to two tea towels can fit in one of our black gift boxes. For larger orders we can discuss how you would like them sent.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my work.



Grey, Green